Phone Protocols

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Our phone conferencing system is quite sophisticated and has many features we’ll be using. To maximize the quality of the call, make sure you do the following:

Dialing In For All Calls

  • You will have the same dial-in # and PIN for all Retreat Sessions.

Personal Protocols

  • Remove background noise if possible. While we sometimes mute listeners on the call, often we’ll be in an environment where everyone can be heard at the same time. The more background noise, the less pleasant the experience of listening for everyone. We’ve all dealt with the barking dog and running water!
  • Speak clearly, and about 30% louder than you normally would. This will provide additional volume that can be adjusted by the listener. Better to be too loud than too quiet.
  • Use inflection. Add emotion to your speech to change the meaning. If you want to show excitement, speed up your speech. Want to convey that something is very important? Speak a little more slowly and perhaps a little more loudly than normal.

Use Optimal Equipment

  • The best equipment choice for your conference is a phone unit directly hardwired into telephone lines, but the wireless alternatives are becoming more and more dependable and clear. Use the phone equipment that you’ve found most dependable and try to stay put for the duration of the call to avoid “dead zones.”
  • Headsets are very helpful for a call of this length and are standard equipment if compatible with your phone (see further information below)
  • If possible, avoid using speakerphones and Internet telephone services for your conference, as they often pick up static and background noise. Of course, there are always exceptions when traveling or when life finds you in unintended circumstances.
  • A bad connection can sometimes be the cause of background static. If this happens, hang up and dial in again until you get a clear line.

Don’t Forget The Extras

  • Do not put your phone on hold if you have on-hold music or advertisements. -Turn off your call waiting or its beeping may disrupt the conference and may be confused with entry or exit chimes. For example, dialing 70# before the conference dial-in number disables call waiting for some phone services. If you need assistance with this feature, contact your local phone service provider.
  • Turn off the ringer of a multi-line phone or any other phone in the room.

Take Advantage Of Conference Controls

  • Self-mute can be used by any conference Participant and can be turned on and off by toggling “6” on the telephone keypad.


  • We strongly recommend using an over-the-head noise-canceling headset as opposed to the earpiece variety. They enable you to operate more freely during the call. We’ve found the best, moderately priced, selections at Radio Shack or telephone stores, such as Sprint stores. Check out for a wide selection of headsets.

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