Mission Statement

The purpose of the Forked River Presbyterian Church is to acknowledge and declare the presence and power of the triune God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Empowered by the Holy Spirit, we will continue the work of Jesus Christ by loving God, Gods world, and each other.

We are committed to becoming a church where every person has an opportunity to be connected to God and to others in a safe, loving, and inclusive community where faith grows, the gospel spreads and the mission of caring for each other and God’s world is advanced.

A Welcome From Our Pastor

For the past 18 years it has been my privilege to serve as the pastor of this open-minded and open-hearted congregation that speaks the language of God’s love in Christ not only within our church family but beyond our congregation as well. I believe that the strength of our church is found in both the care and concern that gets expressed within this community of faith and in the commitments of our congregation to search for spiritual truths that make the world a better place to live for everyone rather than claiming religious certainty that alienates and divides people.

I believe that we are all on a journey. None of us have arrived on the shores of certainty. None of us have become complete in our understanding of faith. This “journey” mentality is expressed in our worship services, our educational programs, and our ministry efforts that are shaped by this understanding of the Gospel.

Here are a few examples of the kind of issues and
challenges that we address in our life together as “people of the way” —
followers of Jesus:

A recognition that Jesus’ vision of the Kingdom of God contains a critique of America’s culture of domination, consumerism, and greed, that confronts us with an ethical challenge to work for economic justice and the common good of all.

An appreciation for the inclusive nature of God’s love revealed in Jesus Christ that calls us to move beyond our fears and prejudices to confront racism, sexism, nationalism,
and sexual orientation discrimination.

Exploring contemporary ways of professing that Jesus is the unique revelation of
God for us as Christians, without denigrating the faith claims of other
religious traditions that exist in the world.

Finding the courage to face the pain and suffering of God’s people in the world and to use our gifts and blessings in uplifting the weak and the vulnerable among us.

A commitment to raise our voices on behalf of peace amid the warring madness of the world and to seek the well-being of our communities in ways that provide all
people with dignity and respect.

Embodying an awareness that we live under the grace and mysteries of God where our understandings of Truth, along with our attempts to follow Christ, are always limited and imperfect.

I believe that you will find that the mission and ministries of our church, including our worship services, are reflective of these issues and challenges that we find in the Biblical witness to the Gospel and in our Christian orientation to the faith as a journey.

So, if you are looking for a church that welcomes serious reflection about the Christian faith, an increasing commitment to ministries of compassion and social justice, a welcoming spirit of acceptance, and the willingness to celebrate life and to enjoy God, then I invite you to join us for worship or for any of the other programs or activities of our church that you may learn about from this website.

I hope you will come visit us next Sunday!
Terry Chapman, Pastor