Our Facility

Caring For Our Church Facility

Fellowship Hall (small)

All persons and groups using the church facilities are expected to assist with the normal housekeeping functions associated with the activity to ensure that the facility is available, clean, and presentable for subsequent activities. The only exception to this policy is when a cleaning fee is paid for such services for a specified activity (i.e. wedding).


Cleaning And Housekeeping

1. Children should be supervised at all times. All consumption of food by children and youth must be under the supervision of an adult.

2. All groups using the church facilities and equipment are expected to leave them in a clean and orderly state. Furniture and equipment should be placed where originally found.

3.Surfaces of tables, counters, etc. should be wiped clean with a disinfectant, as needed.

4.Floors should be swept and vacuumed as needed. Spills should be mopped up. [Mops, brooms, and cleaning supplies can be found in the kitchen and in the Arts and Crafts room downstairs. Please return items to this area when finished with use.]

5.Kitchen utensils and supplies should be cleaned and stored in their proper location.

6. All lights should be turned off. Please check the rest rooms that these lights are also turned off. All water faucets and dishwashers should be off.

7.The thermostats should be returned to 80 degrees in the summer months, and to 58 degrees in the winter months (except the Sanctuary which should be returned to 65 degrees in the winter). This is a MUST as we are wasting church funds heating or cooling the building when not in use.

8. Check that all doors are locked.

Waste Management And Recycling

It is the policy of FRPC to recycle to the greatest extent practical, as proper stewards of our environment.

1. Commingled paper, corrugated cardboard, rinsed glass and plastic bottles (with lids removed), and rinsed metal cans and bi-metal cans must be collected separately from the trash and placed in the labeled recycling dumpster located in the parking lot. Posters are located in each room detailing the single stream recycling program. Cardboard boxes MUST be flattened before being placed in the recycle dumpster. DO NOT PLACE PLASTIC BAGS IN THE DUMPSTER FOR RECYCLING.

2. All persons and groups need to ensure that any waste materials generated as a result of their activity are properly bagged and disposed of in the appropriate dumpster located in the parking lot.

Church Use For Church Groups

In addition to the general policy, all church groups are requested to do the following:

1. Please check the storage area before you purchase items for your activity. Replace only what is used so we are not storing or throwing away outdated food items and using church funds thoughtlessly.

2. Limit what your group stores. Use clear plastic containers, labeled with your group’s name, date, and purpose for the stored items and keep them in their designated area.

3. For health and safety of everyone, the Fellowship Hall kitchen is the ONLY area to store food items. All food items must be stored in sealed plastic containers, labeled with the group’s name and date, and stored in their designated area.

4.Do not change the temperature settings on the refrigerator and freezer.

5. Use glass plates and bowls and stainless serving trays and flatware rather than paper and plastic for their environmental and sterilization benefits.

6. The basement classrooms, stage, closets, and storage facilities must be kept clean, free of clutter, food and remain easily accessible for all members and cleaning personnel. Regular, thorough cleaning is imperative to prevent a re-infestation of rodents, mold, or the spread of viruses and bacteria.

FRPC is blessed with outstanding church facilities. We are bursting with mission groups, committees, members and outside groups all sharing our resources. Let us not take our blessings for granted. Please be prayerfully considerate of maintaining a beautiful, healthy, safe space for all who enter our doors.