What Is A Forked River Presbyterian Youth Leader?


A Solid Foundation

The Forked River Presbyterian Church Youth Advisory Board provides help for those in youth ministry to focus, intentionally, on the important outcome of helping each young person to develop a maturing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Character and Personality

A person who is motivated, energetic, fun, loving, caring and has a sense of humor. Having your own good attitude will help the youth to stay positive and encourage them to learn. The ability to model Christ in all walks of life is key to being a good youth leader. Able to talk easily and candidly with teens about personal issues, and able to listen without judgement. How you conduct yourself when not participating with youth activities is just as important as your integrity during youth activities – Remember: you are accepting the responsibility of being a positive role model to those around you!

Education and Spirituality

Having an understanding of the religion you are discussing as a youth leader is important. A high moral, ethical lifestyle and personal integrity are all required; as you are setting a positive example as a role model for these children. A strong desire to nurture young people in the religious view of the church should be evident. Having leadership and organizational skills are also helpful.

Trips and Activities

Our church invites our youth on mission trips and other activities outside the building – the youth leaders serve as chaperones on these events. As a youth leader you are going to be a mentor for the children to go to, as a positive role model and for guidance. Encouraging the youth to recognize the call of God is another aspect of leading the youth. Striving to enlist the children in participation with worship, Bible study, prayer and other spiritual exercises is important. Supervising them and ensuring their safety will be expected of you as a leader, especially when outside of the vicinity of the church.

Reaching Out

Reaching out to families for personal contact, in an effort to involve not only students but also their families with participation in youth activities, is another aspect of being a youth group leader. One-on-one contact with individual youth and their families by telephone and other communication methods will be necessary.

Other duties

Many duties will be expected as a youth leader. You are going to have to plan, direct, conduct and evaluate a comprehensive youth group. At the same time you are going to have to consider the spiritual, physical, recreational, social and psychological development of the youth in your youth group. Being able to communicate the teachings of the church will be required.

Do you think you have what it takes to be a volunteer Youth Leader?  Come and talk with us, we’d love to have you join our youth ministry program!

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