30-Hour Famine Event 2012 – Report


On December 7th & 8th, 2012 our combined Boy’s and Girl’s Youth Groups held their annual 30-Hour Famine event.  19 youths gathered at the church to go without eating (fasting) for 30 hours, in an effort to experience on a small scale what hunger is like – and stand with those who face this reality. Prior to the event the Youth Group kids raised donations totaling over $400 – which we are sending to the Amahoro Children’s Initiative program in Kampala Uganda, to assist Caleb and Rhita in caring for the children they have adopted. During the 30-Hour Famine event we went door-to-door in Lacey Township, collecting almost 400 canned food items which were subsequently donated (on behalf of the Youth Group) to the Lacey Food Bank.  The Youth Group event also included the kids participating in the Adopt-A-Family shopping for Christmas gifts (they were split into teams, each with a specific budget). Once the gifts were chosen, the kids then gift-wrapped and sorted them for delivery to the chosen families.

During the lock-in at the church we spent time exploring:  the size of God; in to what areas in our life we  don’t let God enter; and how throughout this journey we are safe -held in God’s loving hands. We also played “tribe games” centered on the experiences of our neighbors in the recent hurricane disaster. The youth had to “evacuate” with their food and water supplies whenever told to by a leader, at one point they had to gather their “lost” belongings outside – after a “tidal surge” carried them away etc. While these exercises were fun, these also helped the group to open up conversation regarding the recent local disaster.

No part of this event could have been possible without an army of volunteers and support! Leslie Brennan, Steve Lundy and Tadd Maffucci were the co-leaders for the event.  Angela Randall and Paul Turner came to help lead the door-to-door food collection.  Bill Wright came for the Friday night studies and stayed up all night, providing the overnight supervision while the other leaders slept.  Kelly Fitzpatrick provided planning assistance along with Pastor Terry Chapman, who also came in on Saturday to end the fasting by serving each participant with communion. Bonnie Slocomb organized and directed the Youth Group for the Adopt-A-Family shopping program at the local Wal-Mart. A much-appreciated and constant supporter is Kate Mason, who besides providing guidance and support as the chairperson of the Christian Education Committee, is also constantly purchasing needed supplies and providing “behind-the-scenes” support for each event that the Youth Group runs.

We are also grateful to this church community for supporting efforts to serve our youth, such as this event, and appreciative for providing us with a space to meet and a budget to use. We thank all of you for donating your money and sending your prayers to this important ministry of the youth group.

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