A Sabbath Journey: A Week-end Retreat for Men

Date: February 22, 2013
Time: 4:00 pm
Map: 822 County Road 519, Johnsonburg, NJ

A Sabbath Journey: A Week-end Retreat for Men at Camp Johnsonburg Presbyterian Center with Rev. Terry Chapman

February 22-24, 2013 for Men Cost $125.00 per person

For men of the journey—

      pausing to discover a path of integrity, courage, and wisdom in service to the world…..

Given the pace of our lives, we all feel the need to find ways to slow down, to reconnect with ourselves, one another, and with God.  With so many things demanding our attention it is difficult to attend to what really matters, what makes the heart sing, freeing us for joyful service.

In order to move forward as followers of Jesus in these times of significant upheaval we need to learn to draw deeply from the wells of wisdom, compassion, and courage that reside within and between each of us.  As we come together to discover the way forward, new gifts flow from each one to an ever expansive pool of life that can change the world.

This retreat will serve you if:

You’re wondering what’s next
You know there’s something else, but can’t quite find it
You’re tired
Your spirit feels burdened
You can’t seem to find time to rest
You crave community
You are curious about your gift to life now
You’re ready to make a new commitment in your life
You need to renew and deeply replenish in order to more deeply serve others

Cost includes: 5 meals, 2 overnights, and program

This day is offered by the Spiritual Sanctuary of Johnsonburg Presbyterian Center

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