Consecration Sunday Coming Soon!

Date: November 11, 2012
Time: 10:00 am

Last year we introduced the New Consecration Sunday Stewardship Program, which approaches financial stewardship from a biblical perspective, rather than as a response to budget needs. The decisions we make to support our church’s mission and ministry with a percentage of our income are important to our spiritual growth and our relationship with God.

Our session has chosen to use the New Consecration Sunday Stewardship Program again this year, seeing it as an effective way to teach the biblical and spiritual principles of generous giving. New Consecration Sunday is based on the biblical principle that we all need to give for our own spiritual development, rather than on the need of the church to receive. We will treat our members like followers of Jesus Christ who want to give generously as an act of discipleship, rather than like members of a social club, who are expected to pay dues.

New Consecration Sunday encourages us toward proportionate giving in response to the question, “What percentage of my income is God calling me to give?”

During worship on Consecration Sunday, November 11th, we will ask our members and friends to make their financial commitments to our church’s missionary, benevolent, and educational ministries in this community and around the world, by completing a 2013 Estimate of Giving Card. We will do no home solicitations to ask people to complete cards.

Our guest leader that Sunday will conduct a brief period of instruction and inspiration, climaxed by attendees making their commitments as a confidential act of worship. This will be done in such a way that no one will feel personal embarrassment if he or she chooses not to complete a card.

Following worship, we will again have a free catered Celebration Luncheon. This was a wonderful time of celebration and fellowship last year, and we hope all will plan to attend this year.

Thanks in advance for your enthusiastic participation in Consecration Sunday events.

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