“Flat Jesus” Summer Project

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Flat Jesus

How to Participate in the “Flat Jesus” Summer Project

This summer, we are introducing “Flat Jesus”. This is Forked River Presbyterian Church’s take-home summer mission based on the popular Flat Stanley book series. If you are not familiar with Flat Stanley, here is an overview:

“Flat Stanley” is an early chapter book originally written in 1964 by children’s author Jeff Brown. In 1995, a Canadian teacher named Dale Hubert revisited the Flat Stanley story and began a classroom letter writing program which evolved into a worldwide phenomenon called the Flat Stanley Project. The original story is about a young boy named Stanley who is accidentally squished “as flat as a pancake”. Stanley soon discovers being flat has its advantages and his unique size gives him the ability to help his family and neighbors out of some unusual situations. What stood out for educator Dale Hubert that most was Stanley’s ability to travel. Flat Stanley could fit into an envelope and be mailed off to visit relatives and fit easily into a suitcase or book bag, eventually traveling to exotic places.

Our goal with “Flat Jesus” is to keep us engaged in Christian education during summer break. It is important for us to take Jesus with us wherever we go – to witness to his goodness to us. While we hope you and your children will be in worship often throughout the summer months, if you are away we want you to take Flat Jesus along as your traveling companion. We also want you to always carry Jesus in your heart all day, every day- to the park, to the beach, wherever!

Flat Jesus is a paper doll you can cut out and color. He can accompany you by car, plane, via mail or go digitally. When Flat Jesus arrives at his destination (be it near or far), photograph and document his adventures. (You might want to make an extra copy of Flat Jesus to send to friends and family while keeping this Flat Jesus with you and your child during the summer.) If you lose Flat Jesus, don’t worry. He can be found on our website: forked river ores.org. On Sunday, September 11th, our Rally Day and the first Sunday of the Sunday School Year, we will celebrate a “Welcome Home” for Flat Jesus.

Throughout the summer, you can post Flat Jesus photos to the FRPC Facebook page or email them to Pastor Terry for posting at terrychapman@me.com

May Flat Jesus help us to talk about the real Jesus, the man from Galilee who gives us life!

Click on this link to print out Flat Jesus

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