Great Ends of the Church, Part 4

Written by Rob Rauffer on Apr 03, 2011 in - No Comments

The Preservation of Truth

John 14:1-14

These words are part of Jesus’ effort to make his disciples understand that there is no way around the cross. He is he Way, the Truth and the Life—and that way, that Truth, that Life are about to be made visible in the terrible events that are about to unfold as Jesus faces the powers of the empire who will arrest, torture, crucify him. The WAY, the TRUTH AND LIFE, will come into sharp focus on the third day when Jesus is raised from the dead.

Jesus, in these final hours with his followers, in this last lesson, wants to be clear: There is no way to the Father, to the Divine, to the Holy, except by letting go, self-denial, obedience, and trust such as this. The cross is his way, his truth and ultimately his life. There is no way to show forth the deepest truth about God except through what is about to happen.

This is what C.S. Lewis’s in The Chronicles of Narnia calls the the DEEP MAGIC.

Yet this passage has been so misunderstood and manipulated by many who make a wedge out of it that separates so called truth from falsehood. My way or the highway. This is not a proof text for religious exclusivism.