Job Series, Part Three: Job 38:1-41 “shhh. . . and listen” & Compassion Break with Dr. Jan Chapman

Written by Rob Rauffer on Oct 23, 2012 in - No Comments

Sit down and shut up. . .  (trouble with only hearing one of the sermons in the series. . . )

So far in this short series on the book of Job we have focused on the prayer of lament, Job’s calling out to God in the midst of deep suffering.   I think when we stand with Job and challenge God we are in good company.  God’s children are not named after Abraham—the first one to make the covenant with God. They’re not named after Noah—the one who saved creation from utter destruction and who was righteous enough to give God hope. The children of God are named after Israel—meaning “one who wrestles with God.”

It is a good thing to wrestle with God because it’s intimate. You cannot wrestle with someone and not smell their sweat, feel their breath and quicken your heartbeat to match theirs. It is a good thing, I believe, to challenge God and to ask hard questions of God, again and again, because it is in those questioning places that we most often encounter the Holy.

But There Comes a Time to sit down and shut up or for a Loin Girding

Job get’s his answer, though it was not what he expected.  This is not some tiny little burning bush, nor is it the God who speaks in the stillness. It’s a torrid, windy, destructive whirling-wind and God starts an almighty rant that goes on for four full chapters.