Luke 7:36-8:3 Remembering Love

Written by Rob Rauffer on Jun 17, 2013 in - No Comments

The most important this is to remember the most important thing.

The Way Home

We all start there, or to be more precise,

here, at home, that place and time

where we are held in love’s

warm eternal bath, essentially blessed.

Baptized in the waters of fading innocence,

very early on life’s journey,

we find ourselves drifting on currents

that carry us away from home.


From mother’s breast denied our longing

to the uninitiated father’s clumsy tutoring,

we are all schooled in the art of leaving home

until we are cast off, some before their time,


like a dinghy onto life’s tumultuous sea.

Some fare reasonably well on this

vast foggy ocean learning to

navigate with ego’s sextant,


albeit mostly in circles, around others

who in their too little vessels

have forgotten their way to shore,

or even that there is a shore.


For countless others there are homecomings.

Some come out of the fog drifting

onto beaches on islands of hospitality,

there finding refuge among other castaways.


Others, whose battered, sinking floats

are plucked from the waters by angels

find themselves still shivering

in love’s familiar embrace.


Still others, though they are few,

awaken with graceful intention

as if their little boat

and the assaulting waves


were all a dream, to know,

really know, through the clearing fog,

that they were home all along

as they sail in their little boat


on the ocean of God’s love.