Guided Meditation

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Take a few deep breaths

Inhaling slowly and deeply filling the lungs hold for a moment – fullness
and exhaling with a sense of letting go, natural, relaxing with the breath

The most direct gateway to Presence is the body
relax in a conscious way
soften the eyes
smiling of the eyes
slight smile at the mouth

we are free to relax

smile at the heart
not to cover over anything but to create the space for what’s here

ripple thought the body
sense the shoulders relax down

hands resting in an effortless way… feel them from the inside out (tingling.. life there)

chest is open and the belly is soft
let the breath be received deeply in the torso

let the relaxations spread throughout your hips
down your legs
into your feet

So if you widen the lens you could feel this whole body as a field of sensation
discovering in the midst of this field of sensation the flow of the breath
inflow and outflow

sensing the possibility as the breath comes in
and the letting go with the outflow

letting the breath become a kind of home base
a gateway to sabbath

You might notice that the mind can very quickly leave in thought, the future the past not to judge… instead simple pause and re-relax, open your attention to being present right here right now…. you might tune into sounds around you or the sensations in your body… come back if it helps to the inflow and outflow of the breath

if some strong energy arises is difficult to be with, some anxiety, some physical unpleasantness, or emotional, fear anger sadness…

Just notice it… regarding with kindness what ever is there.

When it feels less compelling you might come back to breath or to the natural presence that just notices what is arising in this moment, and this, and this

check to see if it is possible to relax a little but more right now even while staying alert to what it

Where ever your thoughts take you you can come back to this moment, here-ness, nowness

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