Caring For God’s Creation (CGC)


Located between the National Pinelands Reserve to our west and the Barnegat Bay and Atlantic Ocean to our east, we are fully aware of the beauty of God’s creation.

The CGC mission group seeks ways to care for the world that God created and has entrusted to us. With such a wide range of environmental issues to work with, the group has decided to begin “at home.”

We are focusing on changing the habits of individual members by becoming aware of the products we use and how they affect the environment. Two major changes we hope to accomplish are the elimination of Styrofoam products, which never break down in the landfills, and reducing or eliminating the use of plastic water bottles and plastic bags.

Our other home, our church, is being studied carefully to see where we can become more aware of wasted energy. An extensive energy audit was completed on our church building to see where we can save energy, and eventually save money. The Session approved the audit and approved implementation of the energy-savings ideas presented.

The CGC has prepared a policy and procedure for recycling in the church. We are now recycling paper and comingled containers.  We are using energy efficient light bulbs.  Placing motion sensors on the light switches in the rest rooms is being considered.    Installing timers on the thermostats to help reduce waste and wasted energy has been completed.  We have sealed/caulked windows and doors to prevent energy loss.

After we improve the energy efficiency of the church, the group will begin choosing other areas to care for and preserve.

Everyone interested in caring for our world and the environment is welcome to become a member of the CGC mission group. We meet on Sunday after the morning worship service or on a week-day evening at the church. Check the Sunday News in the Pews for date, time, and location of our next meeting, or contact Bernie Schnaudt, Chair, at 609-693-7654.

Reviewed 10/2015